Grow houseplants, flowers & vegtables soil free!

Why should you use Hydroculuture instead of soil?

1.  Easy and simple to use

The Hydroculture is a system easy to use and taking care of your plants becomes minimal.  With the use of the Water level-indicator, which shows you when and how much to water every time.  The clay is inert.....meaning, nothing can grow on it.....


2.  Plants love the Hydroculture system

Since the plants have the available habitat that is perfect for them, the humidity (water) or nutrition and can adapt better to the eventual changes in light, heat or humidity in the air, that are of course very important and necessary for the well-being health and growth of your plants.


3. Clean with hydroculture

The soil is completely eliminated and substituted with a clay pebbles substrate (HY DROTON, LECA), a lifeless material (inert) that is not subject to mold and mildew, and the attacking of parasites, plus no unpleasant odors. Even the other components of the system, the inner container (culture pot) and the plant container, are made of a plastic material that is hygienic and can not be attacked by organic elements. This makes hydroculture particularly adaptable for public usage such as hospitals, schools etc ...

4. Health

It is not just a clean system, hydroculture can improve the quality of the environment in which we live. NASA research and other research centers have shown that plant capacities, and in particular those house plants cultivated through hydroculture, can help deplete the environment of polluting substances such as formaldehyde, petrol, nicotine, and phenol .

This delicate system of the plants is mostly used by BIOPUDEPURATOR, by using all of the functions of the hydroculture system, you can break down, in a safe way and in a very natural way, the above substances, by filtering the air of various pollens and pollutants and through humidifying, all the advantages for our respiratory systems, therefore, obtaining the best in air quality in closed areas in which we live and work. We should not make the mistake of treating foliage live plants as objects solely for decor and ambiance enhancement, for they have critical and powerful technical attributes as well. These natural, bio-filtration systems have proven their worth over eons of time..... Why Clean-Air Lovers Are Becoming Indoor-Houseplant Lovers; USA Today; January 26, 1990).

5. Economical 

Derived mostly by those people who live and work in a healthy and relaxing environment. The plants will always be beautiful and thriving, with simple maintenance for those who have little time, but still want to be surrounded by live and beautiful plants which give your environment quality.

 This system is economical, if you think that even though the initial price of the hydroculture costs more compared to the traditional system of plants grown in soil, you save later through time, because of the longer lasting life of the plant, and therefore a sure saving in the future for maintaining and taking care of the plants, and when possible, and if it should happen, the possibility of quickly substituting only the plant without having to throw away the whole system , giving you the possibility to change plant containers according to your needs and taste.

6. Practical

The relative lightness of the hydroculture system compared to that of soil, makes moving the plants in hydroculture easier, thanks to the presence of a series of the larger plant containers with wheels. You can position the hydroculture plants on furniture or shelves, on expensive floors or rugs without the worrying of ruining them as you would with soil or overflowing water .

Thanks to the perfect combination of nutritive substances and the humidity of the plant in hydroculture, the root growth is less compared to the same type of plants grown in soil, because the roots immediately find the necessary elements it needs ready. This allows you to use plant containers for hydroculture that are smaller in size compared to normal vases for soil of plants of the same size. Therefore, you can have smaller container for larger plants, giving you the advantage of saving room and having plants that weigh less.

With the hydroculture system, you can create a variety of compositions in the same plant container, by using different looking plants and with different needs, but using the same fertilizing and watering methods. This is possible because the system offers the plant the possibility to adapt itself as well as it can and needs.

Soil Free Plants, offers a wide range plant containers for hydroculture. They are available in different sizes (for creating small, medium or very large plant interiorscape's), and colors and coatings, for every decorating need. From classic to modern products that appear rustic. You will surely find what best fits your needs.